Eshu Elegbara is the god of crossroads in Yoruba Mythology. As the gatekeeper between the realm of men and that of the gods, he knows all languages and is fluent in cosmic.

But he is also unreliable and loves to cause mayhem. He is full of riddles. Each question that you ask him receives four answers. For every gateway that closes behind you, four portals open in front of you. Such are the ways of Eshu.

Now imagine that you are on a bus heading for downtown Toronto. You barely slept a wink last night seeing as your job as an overnight stocker at the big supermarket just a few blocks down from where you live had you stacking heavy boxes all night and well into the early hours of the morning.

The lack of sleep must have gotten to you, and you must have dozed off for a second and missed your stop at Dundas Square. But that is all it takes to change your fate. When you blink awake, the bus driver and all the other passengers have vanished. And as if things could not get any weirder, the world outside the bus vanishes too.

You: What the hell?! 

Disembodied Commanding Voice: Hell? Not quite…

You have just crossed into the liminal world, or in other words, the halfway dimension. You must survive three trials to make it back to the realm of men. Will you make it past Eshu’s mischief, or are you doomed to ride on the bus of no destination for all of eternity.

Play the game for free and find out.

This game was made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council of Canada.  



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