Uncle Dream Walker, that's what you and the other kids in the family called him growing up. Watching him lie there so lifelessly, mourners gathered around his casket, you wonder whether he now walks in the other dimension. After all, in death he has officially joined the constellation of ancestors.

At least that's what Uncle Dream Walker would have liked you to believe. He was a superstitious man who claimed that spirit realms exist alongside our dimension. Here, the ancestors are alive and well.

As if stories about spirit realms were not bizarre enough, Uncle Dream Walker also talked about the Halfway Land. He described this so-called Halfway Land as a bridge between this world and the spirit realms. An intermediate state between life and death, awake and sleep.

Later, long after Uncle Dream Walker is buried and the other mourners are asleep, you alone are still awake in the small hours, scrolling on your phone. Suddenly, your phone emits a bright, white light that seems to suck you in. It swallows you whole, and you find yourself in a strange realm...

Where are you?

What's going on?

Play the game to find out what happens next.

This game was made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council of Canada. 

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